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iCall Suite Troubleshooting Tips

  • 15/12/2015 3:52 PM
  • iCall Suite

Windows Updates

When Windows updates are carried out a PC reboot is required to complete the updates. When this reboot takes place it will stop our services and start them back up again.
Sometimes it is possible that some services on the PC will not start up correctly. If our services are affected by this, issues such as capturing or processing of call data can occur.
To prevent Windows updates from causing issues please set the Windows update settings to ‘Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them’ within the control panel. The default setting will install the updates and initiate an automatic PC reboot.


Anti-virus software can cause many issues when exceptions are not made to exclude the call management software files from scans.
Anti-virus software can detect items within the call management software as a threat and in this instance may delete them automatically. When system files and services are deleted, this will  cause major issues with call reporting and call recording.
To prevent anti-virus software from causing issues, an exception will need to be created for the C:\tollring\ folder.

Power Options

By default, power options on a PC set the PC to sleep or hibernate mode after a specified amount of time. If the PC goes into sleep or hibernation, this will stop all services from running and  prevent calls from being captured and recorded.
Within the control panel of the PC you can stop the PC from doing this.


In order to allow client applications to connect to the server to run the call management software successfully, certain ports will need to be opened on the firewall otherwise the client applications will not be able to work correctly.

Admin Rights

The Call Management software should be installed on a PC with full admin rights to ensure that it has the appropriate permissions to function correctly. Without admin rights the software may not  be accessible or may have issues connecting to the database. This is something that is related to the server installation rather than the client installation.

Sharing Permissions

The client version of the software will need access to the server PC in order for the client software to run.
To do this the C:\tollring\ folder on the server PC will need to be shared with read and write permissions to every user that will be using the client software on their PC.
We also recommend that password protected sharing is disabled on both the server and the client. This can be done through the Network and Sharing Centre of the PC.

Phone System

Phone system settings must be configured correctly in order to output all call data successfully.
Any changes to the phone system such as the change of the phone system IP Address or any network issues can prevent us from capturing and/or processing call data.

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