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  • 09/12/2008 11:21 PM
  • 6931 views Complete Communications Management TMSprofessional Take Control The industry’s best-kept secret TMSprofessional is the flagship product in Tollring’s successful and proven range of communications management systems. This true 32-bit Windows application is ideal for managing both single and multi-site networks. TMSprofessional will empower you to make informed decisions about your business and help you efficiently manage your business communications by: • Reducing communications costs • Improving customer service • Identifying unanswered calls • Verifying call costs • Identifying billing anomalies • Combatting telecommunications fraud • Controlling communications capacity and traffic flows • Generating revenue through call cost mark-up and line rental charges • Delivering organisational, extension and client billing • Optimising staffing levels and efficiency on-time information delivery. Reports can be emailed via TMSprofessional’s in-built email facility in various MS Office formats such as Excel or Word as well as HTML, CSV and PDF. Destination number database and Account Code (PIN) reporting TMSprofessional’s destination number database allows you to allocate calls made and received to known numbers. Numbers can be grouped by company or use providing valuable information on call volumes. Similarly billing reports can be generated based on account or PIN codes. TMSprofessional Comprehensive communications management Product Features Developed in both C++ and Java with scalability in mind, TMSprofessional’s modular architecture will meet the needs of the most demanding communications manager. Some of its key features are: An easy-to-use interface TMSprofessional’s intuitive menu-driven options and set-up wizards make defining reports, alarms or setting up organisational information effortless and straightforward, a fact attested to by our existing clients. Enhanced reporting features TMSprofessional has over 60 standard reports and in excess of 60 report filters allowing reports to be customised to your exact requirements. Included are costing, response analysis, top calls and traffic analysis reports which can be filtered by outgoing, incoming, tandem, internal, network, account (PIN), carrier, trunk and CLI. Automatic report scheduling TMSprofessional’s report scheduler means reports can be delivered at regular intervals in a format of your choice minimising manual intervention and guaranteeing It’s time to spread the word Real-time communications management Communications management systems have traditionally been used to analyse historical call information. Whilst this is still a valuable part of TMSprofessional, with the Call Monitor, Wallboard, Agent and Alarm modules, you now have a real-time insight into your business communications at your fingertips. Call Monitor TMSprofessional’s Call Monitor module can be configured to show call traffic for your key business activity. It will help you analyse a particular group; ie your sales team or switchboard operators, or a particular channel, ie an 0800 number, or calls to and from another site, for example. Call Monitor will highlight key statistics for ‘today’suc h as number of calls made and received, total call cost, most expensive call and longest incoming and outgoing calls. This real-time insight is enhanced with charts highlighting incoming and outgoing call trends such as number of abandoned calls, incoming transferred and ddi calls and number of calls made to mobiles. Call trends can be monitored at a glance by comparing ‘calls today’with ‘calls yesterday’ and ‘this time yesterday’sta tistics. Drill-down and menu-over features allow call details to be viewed instantly. Configurable Wallboard TMSprofessional’s Wallboard module allows the 9 individual boxes to be customised for any group to show one of the 20 available options including total talk time, total incoming or outgoing calls, total answered or unanswered calls, average response times, most expensive call, total call cost to date, and percentage answered and unanswered. The Wallboard can be left to run continually on a client’s desktop. Wallboard coupled with the Agent module will provide a costeffective live reporting tool essential for any call centre environment. Call Centre Agent TMSprofessional’s Agent module provides fully configurable, up to the minute real-time call information for the informal call centre. Agents can easily be configured via the set-up wizard. Call activity for each agent is represented using colour pie charts highlighting call trends. Calls are broken down into incoming and outgoing calls and the drilldown function allows call details to be viewed instantly. Unanswered calls can be identified instantly by CLI. Agent performance can be analysed using any of the 15 comparison charts. Total talk time, calls this hour and average response times are all measured using this invaluable module. Alarms TMSprofessional’s Alarms module brings communications management to the forefront. Any number of automatic alerts can be notified by email, screen pop, saved to a file, or SMS via SNMP server. Alarms can be easily defined by using the intuitive alarms wizard. Both event and totalled alarms can be defined for an individual or group. Event alarms are alarms that occur if a call matches specified criteria - for example, if a premium or particular number is called, a call cost reaches a specified cost or a call is longer than the specified duration. Total alarms are based on cumulative events- for example, if the number of unanswered calls reaches 20, or total cost of all calls on a given day exceeds £30. Compatible with any PABX TMSprofessional’s flexible data collection methods allows seamless integration with any PABX making it compatible with both traditional and IP telephony systems over a LAN or WAN. Take control Multi-site management TMSprofessional can effectively monitor an unlimited number of sites centrally. Using the very latest in IP data collection techniques, remote site data can be made available real-time over a LAN or WAN. This means TMSprofessional’s real time and alarming modules can be utilised for any site on the network. These remote buffers prevent data loss in case of any network connection failure. System alarms generate email notifications if the server has not received data from a remote site. With Tollring’s Corporate support, system alerts are emailed directly to the Tollring Help Desk. Tollring also offers alternative methods of remote site data collection where IP connectivity is not an option. Using the very latest in modem dial-up buffer technology, data collected from remote sites can be downloaded to the TMSprofessional server at regular intervals. Value Added Utilities In this dynamic industry, keeping your communications management system up-todate is essential. Tollring offers a variety of tools and out-sourced technical support including: Tariff importation Tollring offers fully out-sourced tariff support as part of your support contract. With today’s ever increasing number of service providers and bespoke tariffing, it is essential that call costs are kept up-to date in order to ensure that billing reports are accurate. Tariffs can also be maintained using Tollring’s costing editor. Data import-export utility With the number of databases that need to be maintained in any business, it is imperative to be able to transfer information seamlessly. Tollring offers a directory importer utility that allows information to be imported from external systems in order to minimise data entry. Similarly, information held within TMSprofessional such as details on extensions, departments, and trunks can easily be made available to other applications using the export facility. Service and Support Tollring has a reputation for delivering unsurpassed customer service and technical support to its clients and dealers. We guarantee our customers a dedicated, personal level of service for our entire suite of products through our range of maintenance packages from Standard to Enhanced to Corporate, providing: • Effective on-site service delivered by qualified installation and support engineers • Unlimited helpdesk technical support • Data and system verification via email direct to helpdesk • Remote access management and diagnostics • On-site training for new and existing users • Fully flexible approach in response to our clients’ ever-changing needs • Tariff management • Remote access management and diagnostics System Requirements • PABX to support call logging • Pentium PIII PC running 800MHz or faster • Windows 98 2000 & NT4 Operating System • Minimum 128MB RAM (256MB preferable) • 150MB Hard Disk Free Space • CD-ROM Note: Some features are PABX-capability dependent and product specifications may change without notice Features Summary • Compatible with any traditional/IP PABX telephony system • An easy-to-use interface • Real-time call monitoring • Configurable wallboard module • Call centre agent module • Destination number database • Directory importer • Flexible report formats including Excel, Word, HTML and email • Automatic report scheduling • Call Finder • In-built email report facility • Incoming call response analysis • Incoming call line identity • Call information by extension and service provider • Alarms module • Accurate multi-carrier costings • Fully configurable directory system • Account (PIN) number reporting • Client-server capability • IP logging for remote sites • Centralised multi-site management To find out more about the full range of products, visit or call 0870 44 22 569

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