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  • 03/06/2008 11:27 AM
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Issue #01

June 2008


CMS VRS launched 
The standalone PBX independent version of VR has been launched.

CMS names are changing 
In the next few weeks the names are changing to reflect the product features better.

New support ticketing system

We have introduced a new support system

Did you know?
Tips, tricks and features you may not know about.

Annual CMS maintenance

Are you covered?



Standalone call recording

Samsung CMS VRS is a PBX independent trunk side call recording solution.  VRS is PC based with client/server architecture allowing businesses to record all telephone conversations.  The uses are varied from confirmations of customer orders, verifying instructions, resolving disputes, responding to questions, managing and training staff and protecting staff from rudeness and abuse (over the telephone).

Customers using ANY manufacturer PBX solution can use all the features of CMS VRS, making this an ideal upgrade to or enhancement of any telephone system in the market.

·         Compatible with any telephone system

·         ISDN30e, ISDN2e or Analogue trunk multi-channel recording

·         Extensive call search criteria - outbound number, incoming ddi, cli, time, date, duration

·         Multiple user access & multiple log-in across the corporate LAN.

·         Privacy Filter - restrict recordings by specified DDI e.g. company director’s personal calls

·         Storage and playback protected using 128bit encryption.

·         Export option to standard media player format (.wav).

·         Email recordings direct from screen - integrates to customers SMTP email.

·         Stereo voice playback to easily distinguish employee & customer.

·         Inbuilt archive facility to DVD-RAM.

·         Requires dedicated customer PC – see minimum specification.

There is no PBX integration, so extension matching is not possible with this version.


Its not lite, so lets not call it lite

CMS lite has never been a defeatured product so the name is changing to reflect that.  There is no change to the functuality of the products just the names.

Original name

New name

CMS lite


CMS lite ACD


CMS Professional

CMS ACD Professional



In an attempt to improve our response and management of technical issues we have introduced a new ticketing system.  If you go to and choose option 1 you will be able to create a new ticket and view the status of your existing tickets.


Tips, tricks and features you may not know about.

1.The CD you get contains

·         30 day trial of CMS, CMS ACD and Pro

·         Full licensable products

·         Demonstration version with VR built in

2. Sales and technical training is available at our offices in Uxbridge. Please email to book a course.

3. CMS VR does not come with CMS reporting. To have management reports please add the required version of CMS.

4. There is new legislation relating to call recording.  Click here for the related document.


Do you have current maintenance?
The first year is FREE


For CMS customers there is a site annual agreement P/N 13999.  This will give direct access to the CMS support team via telephone, email and remote access.


If your customer has CMS VR then there is a 10% annual charge for support (as above but including next business day VR hardware swap out).


If you would like specific information in the next edition or have suggestions of any kind please drop us an email to


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